Sunday, 9 February 2014

Review: Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing Balm

As so many fellow beauty bloggers have been raving about this cleanser for a while now, I thought I'd also jump on the band wagon to see what all the fuss was about. And WOW, they weren't wrong. So let me tell you why I love this cleanser...

Moringa Seed Extract and Vitamin E balance, purify and minimise the appearance of open pores, whilst Orange, Neroli and Mandarin Extract help to rejuvenate the skin. Jasmine, Cedarwood and Rose also help to moisturise dry, dehydrated and mature skin types.
At £34.00 for 100ml, this cleanser isn't cheap, but I also don't consider this to be too expensive for a good quality skincare product. I find a little of this product goes a long way, so it looks like it will last a good while. The balm has a consistency of Vaseline, which I wasn't sure I would get to grips with at first. Smoothing Vaseline all over my face doesn't really sound too appealing, but I was pleasantly surprised. The oily balm melts away all traces of make up and it's also safe to use on eyes.

How To Use-
Morning and evening, mix a small amount of the cleanser with a few drops of water. Apply to your face and neck and massage in circular motions. This will melt away any make up, excess oils and remove any dirt from the skins surface. The best way to remove your cleanser is with a clean, damp flannel or one of Emma Hardie's facial cloths. These are absolutely amazing! One side is a gentle abrasive muslin and the other side is a really soft toweling material. Firstly, I submerge my cloth in warm water, ring it out and use the muslin side to remove the cleanser, this also helps to gently exfoliate my skin as the muslin material is slightly abrasive. (This is a great alternative to exfoliating if you have sensitive skin and find exfoliators too harsh on your skin), I then use the other side just to make sure everything has been removed. 

TOP TIP- For extra smoothing, you can use this cleanser as a nourishing mask (if left on the skin 10 minutes) or as a rescue balm for dry elbows, knees or chapped lips.  

I have noticed a huge difference in my skin since using the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm. My skin feels more hydrated and is definitely looking healthier. I have combination skin and I find this cleanser has really helped to balance it out. The dryer patches seem less dry and the oily patches definitely seem less oily. I really enjoy using this cleanser, it feels like a real treat and very luxurious. I would recommend this product to most, if not all skin types. It's so gentle it would be great for anyone who suffers from sensitive skin or eczema too.  

I really hoped you enjoyed this post and found it somewhat helpful :) 
Has anyone else tried this cleanser?


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  1. This balm is one of my favourite cleansers, I need to repurchase this ASAP!! :)