Monday, 31 March 2014

Step By Step Make Up Tutorial

The smokey eye is always something people fear, but starting with a simple brown smokey eye is the easiest way to build your confidence. So here is an easy step by step tutorial on how to achieve it :)

Products Used-
The HD Brows Palette in the colour "Foxy"
Rimmel Volume Flash The Max Mascara in the colour Ultra Black 3
L'Oreal Paris Superliner Blackbuster

Step 1- Firstly I cover the lid with the colour "Dark Blonde" using a fluffy brush to even out skin tone.

Step 2- Using the same fluffy brush I use the colour "Medium Brown" to define the crease and create a triangle shape on the outside of my lid.

Step 3- With an under eye shadow brush, take the "Dark Blonde" shadow and line the lower lashes from the middle of the eye to the tear duct. With the same under eye shadow brush, take the "Medium Brown" shadow and line the lower lashes from the outside of the eye to the middle and blend both colours together.

Step 4- Using a fluffy brush and the colour "Carbon" darken the triangle shape you created with the "Medium Brown" shadow and blend all colours together so there are no harsh lines.

Step 5- With the L'Oreal Paris Superliner, line above your top lashes. 
TOP TIP- to keep your liner lasting all day, layer the "Carbon" shadow on the top using an angled brush to set the liquid liner.

Step 6- Use the highlighter from the HD Brows Palette in the inner corner of the eyes and on your brow bone for a professional effect.

Step 7- Coat your top and bottom lashes with mascara and your look it complete! 
TOP TIP- to make a more dramatic look, apply some fluttery false lashes and apply a black kohl liner in the top and bottom waterline. You also don't need this exact palette to create this look, you can adapt it with other shadows you have at home!

I really hope you enjoyed this tutorial!! 
 Thank you all for reading, see you in my next post :)


  1. Love this smokey eye, so beautifully subtle! x

    1. Thank you Melodie, I will be sure to check out you blog too :) x

  2. This is a great smokey eye tutorial! You're right though, its a feared method, but you've made it look quite easy! Also, your eyebrows have a really nice shape!


    1. Thanks Lauren!!

      Practice makes perfect, but this is quite an easy start to a smokey eye. I will be sure to check out your blog too :)

      Rosina x

  3. This is such a nice look, it suits you perfectly, you look stunning! Also, I'm totally in love with your blog design! Just started following you :) Josie xxx

    1. Hi Josie, aw thank you I'm glad you liked it :)
      I have just followed you back, great blog!! <3 x